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As well as being one of the world’s biggest employment sectors, construction is also one of the most dangerous areas of work. Consequently, there is a wide variety of rules surrounding health and safety. As one of the more experienced formwork companies operating in Witney and the surrounding areas, Solo Formwork Ltd understands the importance of ensuring the ongoing safety of our sites. With extensive knowledge of best health and safety practices, we make sure all groundworks, steel reinforcements and reinforced concrete meet the highest standards. As well as having safety systems in place, which you can read about below, we use only the best materials, such as Caltite concrete, for your peace of mind.


There are a number of ways we maintain maximum safety standards. While specific requirements will vary depending on the needs of each job, general safety protocol includes:


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


PPE is an essential part of ensuring the health and safety of individuals. As one of Witney’s dedicated formwork companies, we assess the requirements of each project and provide our team with suitable equipment such as:


• Safety Helmets

• High-Visibility Clothing

• Eye Protection

• Gloves

• Respiratory Protection

• Ear Plugs


From groundworks to laying reinforced concrete, we make sure every worker has the tools they need to carry out work safely and to the highest standard. We regularly inspect and maintain PPE to ensure it continues to provide the best possible protection.




Like all the best formwork companies, we know that nothing beats training and experience. That’s why we trade with accreditation from CHAS and every member of our team holds a valid CSCS card.


In addition, all personnel undergo training in company protocol, health and safety and other service-specific areas.




At Solo Formwork Ltd, we don’t just focus on health and safety during construction. We are also committed to ensuring structures maintain safety long after your project in Witney is complete.


To complement our team’s outstanding level of workmanship, we supply high-quality materials for the best possible finish on all services, from groundworks to formwork. All steel reinforcement meets British Standards and we use proven brands such as Caltite concrete for consistently reliable, defect-free reinforced concrete.




With public liability insurance up to £1 million, our customers in Witney, Didcot and the surrounding areas have complete peace of mind in our services. When undertaking a construction project, you need to know that you are covered in the unlikely event of an incident. At Solo Formwork Ltd we always have your best interests at heart.

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