Reinforced Concrete in Winchester for Commercial and Industrial Use

As one of the more specialist formwork companies in the Winchester region, Solo Formwork Ltd provides reliable services for all kinds of customers. We regularly work with commercial and industrial clients to provide ideal solutions for heavy-use sites. Covering all aspects of groundworks and reinforced concrete installation, we ensure the highest quality finish on every project. One way we achieve this is by working with leading industry brands, such as Caltite concrete and Pudlo. To provide the most durable surfaces, we incorporate steel reinforcement into plain concrete. This is an ideal option for commercial and industrial spaces.


Reinforced concrete is the material of choice for a broad variety of uses, such as roadways and factory or warehouse flooring, due to the heavy load requirements of these projects. By using steel reinforcements, we increase the strength of concrete to meet the needs of our clients. However, commercial and industrial construction projects generally have further requirements.


As one of the reputable formwork companies operating in Winchester, Didcot and the surrounding areas, we are committed to providing the ideal solution for all our customers. That’s why we offer complete groundworks services and use the proven Evedure Caltite concrete system to provide you with a hard-wearing and resistant surface which meets the needs of many different sectors. Some of the main benefits of our reinforced concrete include:


Fire Resistance


Unlike other flooring materials, such as wood and metal, reinforced concrete can handle much higher temperatures without seriously deteriorating or catching fire. Thanks to the low rate of heat transfer, the inside of the flooring remains cooler than the surface. This means it is an ideal option for areas that are often subject to high temperatures, such as engineering workshops.


Faster Construction


As one of the Winchester area’s most experienced formwork companies, we understand how important it is for projects to meet deadlines, and sometimes these can be tight. Delivering comprehensive services, from groundworks to completion, we consistently meet project requirements. The Caltite concrete system is a great option for ensuring work meets schedules due to the speed of reinforced concrete flooring construction.


Pouring on-site requires minimal labour and with steel reinforcement in place, cracks are prevented.


Resistance to Corrosion


Many commercial and industrial sites in Winchester experience large amounts of footfall and other traffic. Consequently, flooring can be prone to corrosion, damage and heavy wear and tear. Reinforced concrete is considerably stronger than other forms, making it far more resistant to this kind of corrosion.


As such, steel reinforcement is an ideal solution for any number of commercial and industrial applications.

Contact Richard on 07979 794825 for more information about our reinforced concrete and how it can benefit your site in Winchester or the surrounding areas.

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