Reinforced Concrete in Slough | Common Uses

Because we are one of the more experienced formwork companies in the Slough area, we provide reinforced concrete for an expansive number of projects. From domestic to industrial requirements, we make sure you receive the ideal solution. At Solo Formwork Ltd, we are committed to the needs of our customers which is why we offer a complete package service. This covers groundworks, steel reinforcement and Caltite concrete as well as any associated services


Reinforced Concrete Basements


With a range of plant and a team adept at excavations and other groundworks services, we regularly provide reinforced concrete for basements and other below-surface structures, such as sewage treatment applications.


Caltite concrete is the perfect material for such projects due to its impressive damp-proof system.


Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are an important feature of many construction projects in Slough. Because they need to support loads, it is essential for them to meet the requirements of the project. Delivering professional groundworks and steel reinforcement, we make sure every aspect of construction meets regulations and requirements.




Formwork companies regularly provide foundations for all kinds of structures. Reinforced concrete offers a highly durable and resilient base for further construction, ensuring the safety and longevity of any structures built on top.


Whether you need foundations for a domestic, commercial or industrial build, we have the expertise to deliver unbeatable results.


Industrial Flooring


Reinforced concrete is the perfect material for industrial flooring due to its hard-wearing and resistant properties. We regularly provide formwork and Caltite concrete for industrial premises in Slough and the surrounding areas, meeting the needs of heavy-use and high-control sites.


As one of the area’s leading formwork companies, we use premium brands for every project. Pudlo, Xypex and Caltite concrete are ideal materials for commercial as well as industrial flooring thanks to their water resistance and other desirable qualities.


Please take a look at our gallery to see examples of our previous work involving reinforced concrete.


As an experienced company, we know exactly how to make concrete work for your project in Slough. Our professional groundworks, formwork and steel reinforcement services ensure efficient and reliable results, no matter your needs. That’s why we have earned an excellent reputation as one of the most trusted formwork companies in Didcot, Slough and the surrounding areas.

Call Richard on 07979 794825 for friendly, professional advice about using reinforced concrete for your project in Slough or the surrounding areas.

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