Steel Reinforcement in Reading | The Combined Strength of Concrete and Steel

Steel reinforcement is the use of steel bars with plain concrete to make it a reinforced concrete. This explains why steel reinforcement systems use the term of “Rebars”. Located in Didcot, Solo Formwork Ltd is one of the Reading area’s foremost groundworks and formwork companies. We use the Everdure Calcite concrete system and reinforced concrete from major brand suppliers such as Pudlo, Sika and Xypex.


Plain concrete has a high compressive strength but a low tensile strength. Steel has a high tensile strength so, in turn, steel reinforcement produces a stronger material for structural concrete work. We refer to this material as reinforced concrete. The steel prevents concrete foundations from cracking under high tension loads from the subsequent build.


The thermal expansion coefficients are very similar so, during changes in temperature, they expand in the same way. This means the branded reinforced concretes like Caltite concrete experience minimal stress during temperature variations and explains why groundworks and formwork companies like our own use them for projects in the Reading area.

Steel reinforcement has a patterned surface to form a bond with the plain concrete. It is steel and concrete together that provides strength in the foundations to absorb the added weight of the structure. Groundworks and formwork companies work with architects and engineers to produce a design where steel absorbs the induced shear and tensile forces, and the concrete absorbs the compressive forces.


This is what makes reinforced concrete so much stronger than a traditional concrete. Suppliers such as Caltite concrete make additions to their materials to further reinforce this strength, and this helps us to provide sturdier foundations and footings for our Reading customers.


Types of steel reinforcement rebar include:


• Cold Worked Steel Rebars

• Mild Steel Plain Rebars

• Prestressing Steel Rebars

• Hot Rolled Deformed Steel Rebars

Steel Reinforcement Benefits


• Groundworks and formwork companies pour concrete into a mould pre-prepared with steel reinforcement, which stays in place and doesn’t float. This reduces overall set-up times on projects in Reading and Southern England.

• The steel bars in reinforced concrete, made to a set size, flex under the weight of the poured concrete without breaking and regain their original shape.

• The metals used for steel reinforcement in materials such as Caltite concrete undergo recycling in the event of future demolition and new construction work.

• Steel has excellent availability and transports easily from source to site. Instances of minor damage in transit have no effect on the strength of steel reinforcement.

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