Reinforced Concrete in Oxford | The Advantages of Reinforced Concrete

Solo Formwork Ltd is one of Oxford’s most trusted formwork companies, working out of the nearby Oxfordshire town of Didcot. We specialise in all aspects of formwork and provide customers with the supporting groundworks they need for perfect results on concrete basements, foundations, walls, columns, slabs and decking. Reinforced concrete, a composite that uses plain concrete with steel reinforcement, is our core application material.


Everdure Caltite concrete is one of our preferred application systems but we also work with products from Pudlo, Sika and Xypex.

The compressive strength of plain concrete enables the placement of heavy loads without breakages, cracks or fatigue. Steel has a high tensile strength that resists lateral force. Steel reinforcement turns an ordinary concrete into reinforced concrete. Formwork companies, very much like our own, recommend the use of reinforced concrete, and particularly Caltite concrete, as a reliable construction material for projects in the Oxford area.


Because Solo Formwork Ltd is also a specialist groundworks company, we deliver the complete service package which includes the project management aspects you need to comply with legislative onsite requirements.

Uses for Reinforced Concrete


Reinforced concrete, and our preferred brand of Caltite concrete, is a common construction material. Following the groundworks phase and the creation of the formwork, reinforced concrete forges the footings and the foundations for domestic properties in the Oxford area. With steel reinforcement, it has a high compressive and tensile strength that withstands the weight of the build and the forces placed on the footings and foundations.


There are many reasons for formwork companies to use reinforced concrete:


• Reinforced concrete has exceptional fire and weather resistance

• It is versatile for formwork companies because it fits to almost any shape

• Steel reinforcement has a galvanised coating to stop deterioration

• Branded Caltite concrete has extremely low maintenance costs

• It makes groundworks and formwork less costly to implement


Compared to similar construction materials, reinforced concrete offers a wealth of end-user advantages to our customers in Oxford and is easy to work with. With steel reinforcement, formwork companies can help in the building of solid structures that withstand the tests of time. Our use of Caltite concrete, and materials of an equivalent quality from Pudlo, Sika and Xypex, is very much our trademark.


This is how Solo Formwork Ltd can offer an insurance-backed guarantee on its groundworks and formwork, and a full manufacturer warranty on its reinforced concrete.

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