Formwork and Groundworks in Guildford | The Advantages of Timber Moulds

At Solo Formwork Ltd, because we are one of the more trusted formwork companies operating in the Guildford and Didcot areas, we make sure to use systems that provide the best results. That’s why we use traditional timber for formwork. This is a proven method for creating durable reinforced concrete structures in any number of shapes and styles. Carrying out all groundworks and steel reinforcement services, we make sure work meets all of your expectations.


Timber formwork is a structure of boards and beams that surround an open cavity, into which we pour Caltite concrete around steel reinforcements. Timber offers a number of benefits over other types of formwork, including:


Lower Cost


Because timber is widely available and has cheaper production costs than other formwork materials, such as steel, formwork companies can provide timber moulds at a lower starting cost.


The price of timber will vary depending on the quality of the wood. At Solo Formwork Ltd, we only use the most reliable and high-quality materials from trusted suppliers. This ensures our customers in Guildford get the best value for money and the highest standard of workmanship.


Because reinforced concrete is also a relatively cheap material, we provide our customers with highly cost-effective solutions for groundworks and other construction projects.


Easy and Safe Handling


Timber has long been a popular material for use in construction due to the fact that it doesn’t require specialist tools. In addition, because it is lightweight, timber is easier to handle than other options. This makes formwork easier and quicker to construct.


In turn, formwork companies can pour Caltite concrete sooner, resulting in more time-efficient projects for customers in Guildford.


A further benefit of easy handling is that is makes work safer for contractors.


Appearance and Design


Using timber for reinforced concrete moulds is an excellent way to achieve an attractive finish. The wood can imprint on the Caltite concrete for a naturalistic look.


In addition, because timber is easy to cut and shape, formwork companies can achieve an endless range of shapes and designs to meet the needs of your project in Guildford. Offering a full package, from groundworks to steel reinforcement and completion of concrete services, we are the only company you need, no matter your requirements.




Timber is a truly sustainable and renewable building material. This is particularly important in modern-day construction due to the emphasis on environmentally friendly approaches.


Furthermore, because timber is milled all over the world, it is often not necessary to transport materials long distances, resulting in lower carbon emissions.

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