Caltite Concrete in Farnborough | The Benefits of Waterproof Concrete

Reinforced concrete is the perfect material for all kinds of applications in Farnborough and the surrounding areas. As one of the leading formwork companies committed to delivering the best possible results to every customer, we go the extra mile. We use only premium brands, such as Caltite concrete, which provide further benefits over traditional concrete for groundworks, formwork and other uses. Water tightness is one of these significant advantages. Along with high-quality steel reinforcement, we make sure you receive an exceptional standard finish which will last for years to come.


Because concrete is naturally porous, normal concrete is not fully waterproof. Modern systems, such as Everdure Caltite concrete, provide additional protection from both soil moisture and surface water.


If reinforced concrete becomes too damp, this can lead to erosion and deterioration, resulting in expensive repairs. As one of the more experienced formwork companies in the area, our professional solutions save customers in Farnborough money in the long-run because we provide a more resilient product.


Providing a complete project service, from groundworks to completion, we make sure every stage of construction meets the highest standards. We always advise on the most suitable solutions for every project, but our customers can generally enjoy the following benefits of waterproof Caltite concrete:


Stronger Structure – Because waterproof reinforced concrete lets in less moisture, it is less vulnerable to the elements. This reduces the likelihood of cracks, providing a longer life-span. Steel reinforcement also helps to prevent cracks due to the enhanced tensile strength it provides. As a result, waterproof concrete is ideal for groundworks, floor slabs and a broad variety of other applications.


Lower Maintenance Costs – The better protection Caltite concrete offers results in less erosion and prevents early deterioration. As such, customers in Farnborough, Didcot and the surrounding areas spend considerably less time and money on maintenance and repairs.


Appearance – Adding to the low maintenance requirements, waterproof reinforced concrete is more resistant to general wear and tear because the surface won’t decline from water exposure. This makes it an excellent choice for visible surfaces, such as industrial flooring, because it maintains its appearance.


Avoid Mould and Mildew – The damp-proof qualities of Caltite concrete prevent the growth of mould and mildew. As well as securing the structural integrity of the concrete, this makes for a healthier environment by reducing the risk of illness. Consequently, formwork companies regularly use Caltite concrete in hospitals, schools and other similar environments.


Property Value – Using waterproof concrete along with steel reinforcement results in the perfect material for basements and groundworks services, such as sub-floors. A waterproofed basement is a great selling point for properties in Farnborough because it offers buyers the peace of mind that they won’t have to deal with water issues.

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