Caltite Concrete in Buckingham | The Benefits of Using Concrete in Construction

At Solo Formwork Ltd we have earned a reputation as one of the most trusted formwork companies in the Buckingham and Didcot areas. One reason for this is our use of leading brands, such as Caltite concrete. Reinforced concrete is widely used in construction due to the variety of benefits it offers. Whether you need groundworks, steel reinforcement or other specialist services, we make sure your project gets the most appropriate solutions for the highest standard finish.


From small domestic builds to large-scale commercial and industrial projects, concrete is a perfect material for any number of applications. While we always advise on the best option for specific requirements, the versatility of reinforced concrete means it will often prove an excellent choice.


Some of the main advantages of using Caltite concrete for groundworks and building projects in Buckingham are:




Experienced formwork companies provide moulds and steel reinforcement in any shape you require. This means reinforced concrete is incredibly flexible in shape and form, allowing us to provide bespoke solutions to meet specific project concerns.


Our highly-skilled team offer patterned, technical and finished formwork.


The flexibility of concrete also lends itself to attractive and stylish finishes which can eliminate the need for further work or fittings.




Without a doubt one of the main reasons reinforced concrete is such a popular material is down to its considerable durability. When laid by skilled formwork companies, such as Solo Formwork Ltd, concrete offers an extensive lifespan for any structure.


Steel reinforcement provides additional strength and because steel has similar thermal expansion properties to concrete, the two materials maintain a stable bond.


Resistant to heat, water, corrosion and heavy loads, Caltite concrete is the perfect hard-wearing material for domestic, commercial and industrial projects in Buckingham.


Environmental Benefits


Environmental concerns have never been more abundant in the construction industry and it is important for companies to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. Concrete is an ideal material for this reason.


Because it is made from naturally occurring and recycled materials, such as by-products from manufacturing processes, using concrete results in fewer carbon emissions.


In addition, concrete can often be reused following demolition, increasing its sustainability. Reinforced concrete also does not require toxic preservatives, unlike other materials.


Fire Resistance


As a naturally fire-resistant material, concrete is a popular choice for all kinds of construction in Buckingham and the surrounding areas. From groundworks projects to industrial slabs, fire protection is a significant benefit which appeals to all customers.


Because Caltite concrete doesn’t need an additional application to make it fire-resistant, it is the product of choice for hospitals, schools, below-ground structures and a vast range of other applications.

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