Reinforced Concrete in Bicester | Qualities of Good Formwork

For the best quality and appearance reinforced concrete requires suitable and well-executed formwork. As one of the most trusted formwork companies in Bicester and Didcot, we continuously provide reliable services along with high-quality materials such as Caltite concrete, which ensure you get the most from your project. With many years of experience in the industry, we know the qualities of good formwork, delivering these on every project. From groundworks to steel reinforcement, we ensure you get the best results.


Formwork has a considerable impact on the way concrete will look when it sets. For reinforced concrete to meet shape and quality requirements formwork must provide an effective, sturdy mould. To ensure this, it is important for experienced formwork companies, such as Solo Formwork Ltd, to carry out work.


Good formwork should present the following characteristics:


Strength – It needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the Caltite concrete. It is important to make sure the formwork will withstand pouring and compacting as well as any other loads it may be necessary for the mould to take.


Part of formwork strength includes making sure joints are sound enough to prevent leakage and that wailings provide plenty of support.


Stability – As one of the leading formwork companies in Bicester, we work throughout the year and through all kinds of weather. Consequently, moulds for reinforced concrete need to be strong and stable enough to withstand all conditions. Using high-quality materials and proven practices, we provide reliable structures which won’t fail in rain, wind or other adverse weather.


Offering a complete package service, stability begins with our expert groundworks.


Access – Because formwork serves as a mould, it is essential that it offers suitable access for pouring and compacting Caltite concrete. When erecting formwork and steel reinforcements in Bicester, we always make sure there is ample room for placing the concrete. This ensures the best possible result.


Safety – As with all areas of construction, formwork needs to conform with relevant safety and building regulations. Because we are one of the established formwork companies in the Bicester area, we have extensive knowledge of industry controls and requirements. Working closely with everyone on site, we make sure every aspect of groundworks, formwork, steel reinforcement and concrete meets expected standards.


A further aspect of safety is the ease of handling. Contractors should be able to handle materials safely and easily using suitable equipment.

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