Steel Reinforcement in Banbury | Comparing Rebar and Wire Mesh

As steel reinforcement specialists, we frequently provide reliable reinforced concrete which offers improved performance and durability. As one of the reputable formwork companies operating in Banbury and the surrounding areas, we provide both rebar and wire mesh reinforcement. Skilled in everything from groundworks to laying Caltite concrete, we ensure your project receives the most suitable and effective solutions.


Both rebar and mesh add significant strength to concrete and are regularly used by formwork companies in various areas of construction. From domestic projects to large commercial and industrial builds, reinforced concrete is a proven material for structural stability and load endurance. No matter your needs, our contractors work with you to deliver ideal solutions.



Rebar is simply a steel bar which we pour Caltite concrete over. This then sets around the rebar, resulting in reinforced concrete. As well as improving structural strength, if any cracks appear, rebar prevents them from spreading and weakening the slab. A further benefit or rebar is its resistance to corrosion.


Steel rebar is suitable for numerous projects in Banbury, including walls, posts, floor slabs and groundworks.


Rebar steel reinforcement is perfect for concrete slabs and blocks larger than one foot. The bars can be placed flat or stand straight in the concrete, depending on the needs of your project.


These bars are also available in a range of grades and sizes to meet the required level of strength. Common types of rebar include:


• Glass Fibre

• Carbon Steel

• Galvanized Rebars

• Stainless Steel


Each type offers unique benefits and, as one of the area’s leading formwork companies, we advise on the most suitable solutions for each project in Banbury. For your convenience and project efficiency, we source all necessary materials from reputable suppliers. Our full package, covering everything from groundworks to completion ensures reliable results of the highest standard.

Wire Mesh


Like rebar, wire mesh has a range of applications within construction. It is a popular choice for steel reinforcement thanks to its highly versatile qualities and can also be placed flat or vertical. Where projects involve reinforced concrete slabs, a thickness of less than one foot proves more suitable for mesh.


A considerable advantage of using wire mesh for steel reinforcement is that it allows us to shape concrete to a certain extent. This is not possible with rebar.


Mesh is a perfect option for reinforcing Caltite concrete because it can be tailor-made to your needs in terms of material, size and diameter. Galvanized and stainless steel are popular choices for reinforced concrete in Banbury.

For more information about steel reinforcement and for specialist advice for your project in Banbury and the surrounding areas, call Richard on 07979 794825.

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